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2017 Outstanding Stewards of America's Waters

Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award

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Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award

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The Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award is the National Hydropower Association’s most prestigious individual award to recognize life-time achievement in the hydropower industry.  Those who choose to work for the hydropower industry spend their careers preserving and improving upon a unique and wonderful resource.  Among those dedicated and caring individuals are some who provide leadership, courage and strength that have made a difference for the industry as a whole.  Dr. Kenneth Henwood, a developer and lover of the hydro resource, possessed these attributes.  The award is the industry’s highest honor and is presented to those who have brought great leadership, dedication and integrity to hydropower in the spirit of its namesake, Dr. Henwood.

Criteria for Nominations

The Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award is presented to an individual within the hydro industry who exhibits:

  • Dedication to hydropower as an energy technology;
  • Persistence in the face of institutional obstacles;
  • Appreciation and understanding of the relationships among project engineering, environment and economics;
  • A strong commitment for fair dealing and plain speaking; and
  • Uncommon energy, enthusiasm, and excitement as a leading force in the industry.

To Nominate

You will be asked to describe how your nominee meets each of the 5 aforementioned criteria.  You will be limited to 500 words per criteria.


  • The nomination process is OPEN
  • Nominations will be due by February 16, 2017


Announcement of the Winner

The Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award Winner will be announced during the upcoming 2017 Waterpower Week in Washington, in Washington, D.C., May 1 - 3, 2017 

Dr. Kenneth Henwood: A Biography

Kenneth Henwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up in San Jose, California.  He received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a doctorate in Environmental Science from the University of California at Davis.  Henwood founded Henwood Energy Services Inc, a consulting firm based in Sacramento, California that specializes in licensing and relicensing hydropower projects.  Today, the firm is led by his brother, Mark, who has remained active in hydro licensing and development. 

Ken was a strong believer in hydropower as an environmentally preferable energy source.  At the young age of 45, he died of injuries suffered from a fall while working on plans for a plant in the mountains near Georgetown, California.  He is well remembered by those individuals who had the good fortune of meeting and working with him.

Henwood spent a great deal of time working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Ron Corso was head of the hydropower licensing division at that time and describes Henwood as “very committed to hydro development” and as a person who “went about the business of developing hydro projects with an intensity, dedication and a passion for seeing his work become a reality.”  Reflecting on the career of this dedicated lover of hydro, Corso said “Henwood never wavered or let obstacles deter him from his passion; he became successful because he truly believed in what he was doing.”

NHA former President Gail Greely once said that Henwood’s degrees in engineering and environmental science allowed him to both design projects and to intelligently supervise environmental study work.  She said of him, “He could do it all; I have never known anybody like Ken before, and I never will again."

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2017 Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters Awards

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The Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters (OSAW) Awards annually recognize deserving organizations in the hydropower industry for projects that exhibit exemplary operational, educational, historical, recreational, or environmental enhancement and stewardship. Each year, NHA presents the OSAW awards at the NHA Annual Conference in Washington, DC. 

For more information on eligibility, categories, and helpful hints when applying, please click here to download the applicants guide


  • Specific projects, programs, activities or events pertaining to hydropower in the United States or Canada that meet the three category criteria.
  •  An application for a specific accomplishment may be submitted in only one category; however, an applicant may submit applications for multiple different accomplishments.
  • An accomplishment, or the intended effect or result of an accomplishment, must have occurred or have been substantially realized in 2016.


Up to three awards will be presented for each of the three categories. For each application, the submitted accomplishment must be clearly identified and have tangible results for activities undertaken in the year 2016.  

  1. Operational Excellence
  2. Public Education
  3. Recreational, Historical, & Environmental Enhancement

Judging Criteria

  • Challenge (30%)
  • Innovation (30%)
  • Results (30%)
  • WOW Factor (10%)       


‚ÄčTo learn more about the OSAW Awards, click here to download the applicants guide for detailed information on eligibility, categories, and helpful hints when applying, or visit www.hydro.org/osaw to view past winners.